GWS/HIST Double Major

GWS/ History double majors can double-dip up to 12 units from the following courses:

GWS/ HIST 202 History of Modern Sexualities

GWS/ HIST 386 Race/Gender: Genealogies, Formations, Politics

GWS/ HIST 496T Queer—Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender—Histories of North America

HIST/ GWS 253 History of Women in the U.S.: Colonial America to 1890

HIST/ GWS 254 History of Women in the U.S.: 1890 to Present

HIST/ GWS 404C Cleopatra: Power, Passion, Propoganda

HIST/ GWS 411 Human Sexuality in World History

HIST/ GWS 445 Women in Islamic History

HIST/ GWS453 Women and Work

HIST/ GWS 455 History of Women in Europe

HIST/ GWS 457A Manhood and Masculinity in the United States

HIST/ GWS 458 Topics in Comparative Women’s History

HIST/ GWS 469 Gender and Sexuality in Latin American History

HIST/ GWS 496P Women’s Life Writing: Autobiography, Diary, Oral History, Biography

Other courses co-convened in both HIST and GWS

AFAS 306 African-American Autobiographies: Women and Their Histories