We at the Department of Gender and Women's Studies stand with UA’s Institute for LGBT Studies to “vehemently oppose the continued attack on transgender rights. We stand in solidarity with our trans* family, friends, colleagues, and community and are committed to support movement toward inclusive education in Arizona, which encompasses trans* peoples’ right to participate in sports and athletic teams.”

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Peg Brand Weiser's picture
Peg Brand Weiser
Adjunct Instructor
Email: mbweiser@email.arizona.e
TEL: 520-621-5045
Office: Social Sciences 216D

An artist (M.A., studio art) with a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Peg Brand Weiser is Emerita Associate Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies at IUPUI (Indiana University -...
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Stephanie Troutman Robbins's picture
Stephanie Troutman Robbins
Department Head
Email: troutmans@arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-2167
Office: 110B

Dr. Stephanie Troutman Robbins (she/her) is a Black feminist scholar, mother and first-generation college student. She is the Department Head of Gender & Women’s Studies at the University of Arizona and she is Associate Professor of Emerging Literacies in Rhetoric...
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Victoria Adams's picture
Victoria Adams
Ph.D. Student
Email: victoriaa@email.arizona.edu

Victoria is a doctoral candidate in Gender and Women's Studies. Her work is focused on violence against women, narratives, and meaning in language. She holds an Masters of Public Health from University of Michigan.

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Susan H Aiken Ph.D.'s picture
Susan H Aiken Ph.D.
Professor for Department of English, Emerita
Email: sha@email.arizona.edu

Susan Hardy Aiken (Ph.D., Duke University, 1971), University Distinguished Professor of English, teaches and writes in the fields of nineteenth- and twentieth-century British and American literature and culture, women and literature, gender theory, and poetry. One of the founding members of the...
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Wanda Alarcón's picture
Wanda Alarcón
Assistant Professor
Email: walarcon@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-7338
Office: 206 B

I am an interdisciplinary scholar specializing in Chicana literature, music, and decolonial feminist thought.  I received my Ph.D. in Ethnic Studies with a Designated Emphasis in Women, Gender, and Sexuality from UC Berkeley and was a Carlos E. Castañeda Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for...
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Ana M Alonso Ph.D.'s picture
Ana M Alonso Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Anthropology Emerita
Email: alonso@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-2305
Office: Emil W. Haury Anth. Bldg.

Ph.D., Anthropology, University of Chicago, 1988
esearch interests: socio-cultural anthropology; historical anthropology; social theory; feminist theory; culture and power; ethnography as a genre; gender, ethnicity and class; colonial and post-colonial societies; peasant movements;...
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Beth Alpert Nakhai's picture
Beth Alpert Nakhai
Associate Professor
Email: bnakhai@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-626-5762
Office: Marshall 422

Beth Alpert Nakhai is an associate professor in the Arizona Center for Judaic Studies and an affiliated member of the School of Anthropology.  She teaches courses on archaeology, Hebrew Bible, Near Eastern history and women in ancient Israel. She received her M.T.S. from Harvard Divinity School...
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Rosi Andrade Ph.D.'s picture
Rosi Andrade Ph.D.
Research Professor
Email: rosia@email.arizona.edu
TEL: (520) 626-5908
FAX: (520) 621-1533
Office: 203B

 Rosi Andrade, Ph.D. is a Research Professor with the Southwest Institute of Research on Women (SIROW) in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Arizona, and holds a Ph.D. in Reading with a minor in Chicana Literature. Dr. Andrade is interested in the social, cultural...
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Diane Austin Ph.D.'s picture
Diane Austin Ph.D.
Research Anthropologist, Director of School of Anthropology
Email: daustin@email.arizona.edu
TEL: (520)626-3879
Office: Emil W. Haury Anth. Bldg. 316

(Ph.D. UMich 1994)

Research Interests
Dr. Diane Austin’s work examines the impacts of the offshore oil and gas industry in communities along the Gulf of Mexico; addresses environmental issues along the Arizona-Sonora border, and involves Southern Paiute cultural resource and...
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Adele Barker Ph.D.'s picture
Adele Barker Ph.D.
Professor, Russian/Slavic Studies, Emerita
Email: adeleb@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-3608
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Alex Barksdale's picture
Alex Barksdale
Ph.D. Student
Email: barksdale@email.arizona.edu

Alex Barksdale is a second year PhD student in Gender and Women's Studies. They graduated from Rice University in 2011 with a B.A. in the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality and a B.A. in Anthropology. Their research interests include queer/trans studies, LGBTQ historiography, community-based...
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Connie J. A. Beck Ph.D.'s picture
Connie J. A. Beck Ph.D.
Associate Professor, The Psychology, Policy and Law Program
Email: beck@email.arizona.edu
TEL: (520) 626-4965
FAX: (520) 621-9306
Office: Department of Psychology

Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1999

Dr. Beck's work focuses on how the legal system creates or exacerbates psychological distress, and how it can be adjusted or restructured to minimize that distress. She considers both the effects on legal professionals of working in legal settings and...
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Michelle Berry's picture
Michelle Berry
Assistant Professor (Career Track)
Email: mkberry@email.arizona.edu

 I am an historian (PhD, University of Arizona, 2005) whose primary intellectual interests include feminist pedagogy (teaching), ecofeminism, political ecology, environmental and labor history, and sports studies. In each of these, I am interested in understanding how power is constructed around...
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Laura Berry Ph.D.'s picture
Laura Berry Ph.D.
Associate Professor, English
Email: berry@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-6901
Office: Modern Languages 445

PhD, University of California-Berkely, 1987

Director of the English Honors Program. Nineteenth-century British literature, the English novel.

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Anne Betteridge Ph.D.'s picture
Anne Betteridge Ph.D.
Director, Center for Middle Eastern Studies
Email: anneb@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-5450
Office: Louise Foucar Marshall Bldg

An anthropologist with a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, Anne H. Betteridge is Director of the University of Arizona Center for Middle Eastern Studies and a faculty member in the UA Department of Near Eastern Studies. She served as Executive Director of the Middle East Studies Association...
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Katia da Costa Bezerra Ph.D.'s picture
Katia da Costa Bezerra Ph.D.
Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
Email: kbezerra@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-626-0786
Office: Modern Languages

Dr. Katia da Costa Bezerra has published essays on Contemporary Portuguese, Brazilian and Lusophone African literature. She is also concerned with the rescue of a literary production published by mineiras born in the XIX century.Her theoretical approaches include questions on gender, sexuality,...
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Scott Bradford's picture
Scott Bradford
Ph.D. Student
Email: sbradford@email.arizona.edu
TEL: none
FAX: none
Office: TBA
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Stephanie Brown's picture
Stephanie Brown
Email: stephbrown@email.arizona.edu
Office: Modern Languages 344

Steph Brown has been a lecturer in the Department of English since 2014 and became GWS affiliate faculty in 2016. Her research interests include Anglophone modernism, mass cultural movements in the British Empire during the early twentieth century, literature of decolonization and the end of...
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Stephanie Buechler Ph.D.'s picture
Stephanie Buechler Ph.D.
Assistant Research Professor (continuing status)
Email: buechler@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-626-5314
FAX: 520-621-2889
Office: Harvill Building

Ph.D. 2001 Department of Sociology, Binghamton University
MA 1992 Public Affairs program Department of Government, Cornell University
BA 1989 Department of Political Science, Haverford College


My research interests surround gender, livelihoods and socially and...
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Derrais Carter's picture
Derrais Carter
Assistant Professor
Email: derraiscarter@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-626-7884
Office: GWS 212B

Derrais (sounds like Paris) Carter is an interdisciplinary scholar and artist. His scholarly and creative work plays in the vibrant realms of Black Critical Theory, Black Queer Studies, and Black Popular Culture, Narrative Theory, and Cultural History.

Carter has just published...
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Monica J. Casper, Ph.D.'s picture
Monica J. Casper, Ph.D.
Professor Emerita

Monica J. Casper, Ph.D., is a sociologist whose scholarly and teaching interests include gender, bodies, health, sexuality, disability, and trauma, with particular expertise in reproductive health and politics. Her work is deeply interdisciplinary and includes such approaches as environmental...
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Luna Chung's picture
Luna Chung
Ph.D. Student
Email: lunachung@email.arizona.edu

Luna Chung is a PhD Student in Gender and Women’s Studies. Luna graduated with a B.A. in Women’s Studies and B.S. in Psychology from the University of Georgia. As a former refugee, her research focuses on preserving the oral history of Vietnamese refugees. Her research interests include:...
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Julia Clancy-Smith Ph.D.'s picture
Julia Clancy-Smith Ph.D.
Regents Professor
Email: juliac@email.arizona.edu
TEL: (520) 626-8421
Office: Social Sciences 221

Georgetown University M.A. 1978 (History)
École des Hautes Études, Paris 1976-77; 1979-80 (Ethnologie du Maghreb)
and Collège de France
American University in Cairo 1979 (Arabic)
University of California, Los Angeles Ph.D. 1988 (History)...
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Anna Cooper's picture
Anna Cooper
Assistant Professor
Email: annacooper@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-3205
Office: Marshall Bldg, Room 234

Anna Cooper’s research interests include classical and contemporary Hollywood, transnational and postcolonial cinemas, representations of gender, space/place/mobilities in film, and feminist film and media studies.

Her forthcoming monograph, titled An American Abroad: European Travel...
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Jennifer Croissant's picture
Jennifer Croissant
Associate Professor
Email: jlc@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-626-0079
FAX: 520-621-1533
Office: 206 GWS, 925 N. Tyndall

Jen Croissant (PhD Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Science & Technology Studies, 1994) is interested  in the sociology of science and technology, particularly feminist science studies.  Graduate Teaching includes ‘Science & Social Theory,’ ‘Technology & Social Theory,’ and the core...
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Barbara Cully's picture
Barbara Cully
Adjunct Lecturer, English, Retired
Email: cullyb@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-626-0769
Office: Modern Languages

BA, 1980, San Diego State University; MFA, 1984, University of Iowa

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Irene D'Almeida Ph.D.'s picture
Irene D'Almeida Ph.D.
Professor of French and Francophone Studies, Retired
Email: dalmeida@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-7349
Office: Modern Languages 549

Irene D'Almeida, Professor of French and Francophone Studies, has just received a $60,000 grant from the prestigious American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS).

The grant will fund Professor D'Almeida's continuing research of the oral songs of Fon Women in Benin (Africa). 

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Rae Erin Dachille's picture
Rae Erin Dachille
Assistant Professor
Email: raedachille@email.arizona.edu

Dr. Rae Erin Dachille (Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies, University of California at Berkeley) specializes in the religious and artistic traditions of Himalayan Buddhism. Her research focuses upon representations of the body in art, ritual, philosophy, and medicine in Tibetan and Sanskrit sources.  Dr...
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Linda Darling Ph.D.'s picture
Linda Darling Ph.D.
Professor, History
Email: ldarling@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-9754
Office: Social Sciences 231

My research deals with fiscal administration in the Ottoman Empire and its connections with political legitimation, and I set my work on the Ottomans within the wider context of the early modern period in Europe and, to a lesser extent, states farther east. My current project examines Ottoman...
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Myra Dinnerstein Ph.D.'s picture
Myra Dinnerstein Ph.D.
Research Professor Emerita
Email: myrad@email.arizona.edu

 Myra Dinnerstein was the founding director of the Women’s Studies department at the University of Arizona in 1975 and the founding director of its research institute, SIROW (the Southwest Institute for Research on Women}in 1979.  She served in those posts until 1989 when she became Research...
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