Due to COVID-19 safety guidelines, the Department of Gender and Women's Studies main office and building are closed effective 10 Sep, 2020 until further notice. The GWS office can be reached by voicemail at 520-621-7338 or by email at SBS-GWS@email.arizona.edu.

We at the Department of Gender and Women's Studies stand with UA’s Institute for LGBT Studies to “vehemently oppose the continued attack on transgender rights. We stand in solidarity with our trans* family, friends, colleagues, and community and are committed to support movement toward inclusive education in Arizona, which encompasses trans* peoples’ right to participate in sports and athletic teams.”

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Myra Dinnerstein Ph.D.'s picture
Myra Dinnerstein Ph.D.
Research Professor Emerita
Email: myrad@email.arizona.edu

 Myra Dinnerstein was the founding director of the Women’s Studies department at the University of Arizona in 1975 and the founding director of its research institute, SIROW (the Southwest Institute for Research on Women}in 1979.  She served in those posts until 1989 when she became Research...
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Sapana Doshi's picture
Sapana Doshi
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Suzanne Dovi Ph.D.'s picture
Suzanne Dovi Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Email: sdovi@email.arizona.edu
Office: Social Science 325
Office Hours: Thurs 9-10am

Suzanne Dovi is an Associate Professor of the School of Government...
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Javier Duran Ph.D.'s picture
Javier Duran Ph.D.
Director, Confluence Center - in the Office of the Vice President for Research
Email: duran@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-5137

Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
Ph.D., Spanish & Portuguese, University of Arizona, 1995

Research interests:  U.S.-Mexico Border Studies, critical theory, cultural studies, modern and contemporary Latin American narrative, Latin American women...
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Cat Euler's picture
Cat Euler
Adjunct Faculty
TEL: 520-621-2151
Office: Tyndall 110C

Catherine Euler received a PhD in history from the University of York, England, after writing an analysis of the overlapping discursive representations of class, race, politics, gender and same-sex intimacies in the diaries of Anne Lister (1791-1840). She is the author of chapter on the women’s...
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Aileen A. Feng Ph.D.'s picture
Aileen A. Feng Ph.D.
Associate Professor, French and Italian
Email: aafeng@email.arizona.edu
TEL: (520)621-6428
Office: Modern Languages 570

Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley (2008). Associate Professor and Director of Italian Studies; Faculty Affiliate, Department of Gender & Women's Studies. Dr. Feng specializes in late-Medieval and Renaissance Italian literature with comparative interests in Latin and Medieval-...
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Mel Ferrara's picture
Mel Ferrara
Email: mferrara@email.arizona.edu

Mel Ferrara is a PhD candidate in Gender and Women’s Studies with a minor in Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory. They received their BA in Gender and Sexuality Studies and Philosophy/Political Thought from Muhlenberg College in 2015 and their MA in Gender and Women’s Studies from...
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Mary Jo Fox Ph.D.'s picture
Mary Jo Fox Ph.D.
Professor and Research Social Scientist, American Indian Studies
Email: foxm@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-626-4242
Office: Richard P. Harvill Building 224

Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox (Comanche; Ph.D., 1982, University of Arizona) (AIS)., an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation, is an Associate Professor of American Indian Studies (AIS) at the University of Arizona (UA), Tucson, Arizona.

She is the former Director/ Chair of AIS and also served...
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Katherine Freeman's picture
Katherine Freeman
Former Doctoral Student
Email: katefreeman123@gmail.com


Katherine E. Freeman recieved her PhD from the Department of Gender and Women's Studies at the University of Arizona in 2020. Raised in the rural U.S. Southwest, Katherine is dedicated to the production of scholarship that addresses contemporary socioeconomic...
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Francisco J. Galarte Ph.D.'s picture
Francisco J. Galarte Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Email: galarte@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-2167

Francisco J. Galarte is an Assistant Professor of Gender and Women's Studies at the University of Arizona where he teaches courses in Chicanx/Latinx Studies and transgender studies. His most recent articles have appeared in publications including...
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Carol Galper Ph.D.'s picture
Carol Galper Ph.D.
Assistant Dean, Curricular Affairs-Community Health Education, Retired
Email: cgalper@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-626-2351
Office: Arizona Health Sciences Center

Dr. Carol Galper’s interests include rural health, public health, social justice, the medically underserved, HIV education and advocacy, and LGBT issues. She serves as the faculty advisor for MedPride at the College of Medicine, where she is also the Assistant Dean for Medical Student Education...
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Cathleen Gearin's picture
Cathleen Gearin
Administrative Associate
Email: gearin@arizona.edu
TEL: (520) 621-5749

Cathleen Gearin graduated from the University of Arizona in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Psychology. She has since served as Program Coordinator at Pima Community College and Administrative Assistant at UCLA in the Department of Education. Cathleen is working as the Administrative...
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Adam M. Geary, PhD.'s picture
Adam M. Geary, PhD.
Associate Professor (Career-track) Emeritus
Email: ageary@email.arizona.edu

Adam M. Geary is an anti-disciplinary scholar coming out of the History of Consciousness tradition of the University of California at Santa Cruz (Ph.D. 2004). His training is in critical theory, continental philosophy, and psychoanalysis, attentive to the persistence of the religious in the...
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Maria D Glowacka's picture
Maria D Glowacka
Adjunct Lecturer, Gender & Women's Studies
TEL: 621-5908
Office: GWS Building
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Julieta Gomez's picture
Julieta Gomez
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Reid Gómez's picture
Reid Gómez
Assistant Professor
Email: reidgomez@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-4761
Office: GWS 114B

Reid Gómez is a writer and scholar from San Francisco, California. Her research focus is quantum entanglements—slavery/colonization, Black/Indian, and storytelling/translation. Black and Indigenous studies, and the work of Leslie Marmon Silko, shape her epistemic and writing practice. She is...
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Linda B. Green Ph.D.'s picture
Linda B. Green Ph.D.
Professor, Anthropology
Email: lbgreen@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-6291
FAX: (520) 621-2088
Office: Richard P. Harvill Building

Ph.D. 1993, UC Berkeley; MA 1987 UC Berkeley; MPH 1985 Johns Hopkiins

Research Interests
Structural and political violence,  medical anthropology, historical anthropology, indigneous peoples, migration, gender, human rights, anthropology of development,  militarization...
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Alison Greene's picture
Alison Greene
Director of Adolescent Research and Services, SIROW
Email: greene@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-295-9339

Alison Greene is a Research Social Scientist for the Southwest Institute for Research on Women (SIROW), at the University of Arizona, working on education and health projects and community-based research. Alison moved from Philadelphia to Tucson and joined SIROW and the Women’s Studies Dept. in...
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Katy Gross's picture
Katy Gross
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Jill Guernsey de Zapien's picture
Jill Guernsey de Zapien
Director, Border / Transborder and Binational Public Health
Email: dezapien@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-626-7083
Office: Roy P. Drachman Hall

Jill Guernsey de Zapien has been working on community-based public health interventions and research in Arizona and throughout the Southwest for more than 20 years. She has collaborated with others in establishing the first lay health educator or Promotora outreach program in Arizona, Health...
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Faith S. Harden's picture
Faith S. Harden
Associate Professor
Email: fharden@arizona.edu

Faith S. Harden is an Associate Professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and affiliated faculty in the Department of Gender and Women's Studies and the Program in...
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Eva Hayward, Ph.D.'s picture
Eva Hayward, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Email: evah@email.arizona.edu

Eva Hayward is an assistant professor in Gender & Women's Studies at the University of Arizona, Tucson. Receiving her Ph.D. in History of Consciousness at UC Santa Cruz (2008), she is trained in the history of science and technology, art history and aesthetics,...
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Anita Huizar-Hernández's picture
Anita Huizar-Hernández
Assistant Professor
Email: ahuizarh@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-626-0784
Office: Modern Languages 524

Anita Huizar-Hernández is an Assistant Professor of Border Studies in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and affiliate faculty in Mexican American Studies and Latin American Studies at the University of Arizona. She received her Ph.D. in...
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Giramata I.'s picture
Giramata I.
PhD. Student
Email: giramata@email.arizona.edu

Giramata is a PhD student in Gender and Women Studies from Kigali, Rwanda. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Development Economics and Policy as well as Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies from DePauw University. Her research interests are gender based violence and intimate partner...
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Joela Jacobs, Ph.D.'s picture
Joela Jacobs, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of German Studies
Email: joelajacobs@email.arizona.edu
TEL: (520) 621-2300
Office: Learning Services Building 306

Joela Jacobs received her Ph.D. in Germanic studies from the University of Chicago. Her research and teaching bring together 19th-21st century German literature and film, animal studies, environmental humanities, Jewish studies, the history of sexuality, and the history of science. She has...
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Kelsey Dayle John's picture
Kelsey Dayle John
Assistant Professor
Email: kdjohn@email.arizona.edu
TEL: (520) 621-7338
Office: HARV 218

Kelsey Dayle John (Diné) is a postdoctoral research associate with a joint appointment in American Indian Studies and Gender and Women’s Studies. Her work is centered on animal relationalities, particularly horse/human relationships as ways of knowing, healing, and decolonizing education....
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Alex Karaman's picture
Alex Karaman
PhD Candidate
Email: akaraman@email.arizona.edu
TEL: use email
Office: GWS 105B

Alex Karaman is originally from Los Angeles and moved to Long Beach for his undergraduate degree in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Political Science.  Returning to school in Arizona, he has focused his fieldwork within Israel-Palestine on the development of Palestinian hip-hop culture...
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Simin Karimi Ph.D.'s picture
Simin Karimi Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Linguistics
Email: karimi@U.ARIZONA.EDU
TEL: (520) 621-5399
FAX: (520) 626-9014

Simin Karimi is a Professor in the Department of Linguistics.  She has also appointments in the Cognitive Science Program, The Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching, the joint Program in Linguistics and Anthropology, the Department of Near Eastern Studies...
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Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy Ph.D.'s picture
Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy Ph.D.
Professor of Women's Studies and English
Email: kennedye@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-626-6991
Office: Tyndall 109B

Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy received her Ph.D. in social anthropology from Cambridge University, England in 1972 based on her research about the Waunan of the Chocó province, Colombia. Kennedy was a founding member of Women's Studies at SUNY, Buffalo where she taught for twenty-eight years. She...
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Liz Kinnamon's picture
Liz Kinnamon
PhD Candidate
Email: kinnamon@email.arizona.edu
Office: Gender & Women's Studies building, 925 N. Tyndall Ave., Room 212

Liz Kinnamon works at the intersection of Marxist feminism, attention studies, and critical theory. Their dissertation tracks the concept of "attention" since the mid-twentieth century from a materialist perspective, analyzing the degree to which "presence" is precluded or facilitated by...
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