We at the Department of Gender and Women's Studies stand with UA’s Institute for LGBT Studies to “vehemently oppose the continued attack on transgender rights. We stand in solidarity with our trans* family, friends, colleagues, and community and are committed to support movement toward inclusive education in Arizona, which encompasses trans* peoples’ right to participate in sports and athletic teams.”

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Patricia MacCorquodale Ph.D.'s picture
Patricia MacCorquodale Ph.D.
Professor and Dean Emerita, Honors College
Email: pmac@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-2848
Office: GWS 108

Patricia MacCorquodale is the author of many essays including "Women in the Law: Tokens or Partners?" (Gender & Society 1993), and of Changing our Minds: Feminist Transformations of Knowledge (State University of NY Press, 1988, with Aiken, Anderson,...
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Ana-Isabella Madril's picture
Ana-Isabella Madril
Administrative Associate
Email: isabellamadril1@arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-6975

Ana-Isabella Beatriz Madril is the Administrative Associate that supports the department of Gender and Women Studies, the Division of Late Medieval & Reformation Studies and the College of Social and Behavioral Science Transdisciplinary Units and Centers including: Global Studies, Center of...
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Farid Matuk's picture
Farid Matuk
Associate Professor, English (Tenured)
Email: matuk@arizona.edu
Office: Building: Modern Languages (#67) Room #445

A queer writer of Syrian and Peruvian heritage, Farid Matuk has lived in the U.S. since the age of six first as an undocumented person, then a “legal” resident, and now as a “naturalized" citizen. He is the author of the poetry collections This Isa Nice Neighborhood and The Real Horse, and of...
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Shoshana Mayden's picture
Shoshana Mayden
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Leerom Medovoi Ph.D.'s picture
Leerom Medovoi Ph.D.
Professor, Department of English
Email: medovoi@email.arizona.edu
TEL: (520) 621-3287
Office: 445 Modern Languages Bldg

Lee Medovoi is a Professor of English at the University of Arizona.  A graduate of the Ph.D. program in Modern Thought and Literature at Stanford University, he was the founding director of the Portland Center for Public Humanities and is currently a member of the PMLA editorial board.  He is...
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Katherine Morrissey's picture
Katherine Morrissey
Associate Professor
Email: kmorriss@arizona.edu
Office: Cesar E Chavez Building, Room #330

As associate professor of history, I research, teach and publish in the related areas of culturalenvironmental,...
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Maha Nassar's picture
Maha Nassar
Associate Professor, School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies
Email: mtnassar@email.arizona.edu

Maha Nassar is an Associate Professor in the School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies at the University of Arizona, where she specializes in Arab cultural and intellectual history with a focus on Palestinians. Her book, which received a 2018 Palestine Book Award, is titled Brothers...
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Z Nicolazzo's picture
Z Nicolazzo
Associate Professor
Email: znicolaz@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-4686

Dr. Z Nicolazzo is an Associate Professor of Trans* Studies in Education at the Center for the Study of Higher Education and a member of the Trans* Studies Initiative at the University of Arizona.  She earned her Ph.D. in Student Affairs in Higher Education at Miami...
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David Ortiz's picture
David Ortiz
Associate Professor, History (Tenured)
Email: davido@arizona.edu
Office: Building: Cesar E Chavez Building (#23), Room #319G

I am a social and cultural historian of 18th, 19th, & 20th century Europe, with a growing interest in intellectual history.  My research interests center on public discourse in southern Europe, particularly in newspapers, magazines, and popular novels, during the 'fin de siglo' period, from...
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Anna O’Leary Ph.D.'s picture
Anna O’Leary Ph.D.
Department Head/ Mexican American Studies
Email: olearya@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-626-8134
Office: Cesar E Chavez Building

Dr. Anna Ochoa O’Leary received her Doctorate Degree in Anthropology from the University of Arizona, where she specialized in applied anthropology. She is a 2006-2007 Fulbright Scholar and is currently an associate professor at the Department of Mexican American Studies at the University of...
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Maya Lynn Patterson's picture
Maya Lynn Patterson
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Emma Pérez's picture
Emma Pérez
Research Social Scientist and Professor
Email: emmaperez@email.arizona.edu
Office: 108B

Dr. Emma Perez earned a PH.D. in history from UCLA and taught in the Department of History at the University of Texas, El Paso from 1990 to 2003, where she also functioned as Chair. From 2003 to 2017, she taught in the Department of Ethnic Studies at University of Colorado, Boulder, also serving...
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Erika Perez Ph.D.'s picture
Erika Perez Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of History
Email: erikaperez@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-626-8648
FAX: 520-621-2422
Office: Chavez 326

In 2018, I published my first book on interethnic godparenting, sexuality and marriage in early Southern California. My study shows how people wielded and responded to colonial power in their everyday intimate encounters. My book traverses the Spanish, Mexican and early American periods from...
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Jadwiga Pieper Mooney Ph.D.'s picture
Jadwiga Pieper Mooney Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of History
Email: jadwiga@email.arizona.edu
TEL: (520) 621-5486
Office: GWS 110

In my research and teaching, I focus on Latin America, Gender, and Comparative/Global and World History. I am especially interested in human rights, women's rights, gender equity, and notions of inclusion and exclusion in the making of modern nations. My first book, The Politics of Motherhood:...
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Ivy L. Pike Ph.D.'s picture
Ivy L. Pike Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Anthropology
Email: ilpike@email.arizona.edu
TEL: (520) 626-2099
FAX: (520) 621-2088
Office: Emil W. Haury Building

Associate Professor of Anthropology

My research blends the impacts of inequality on health with the acknowledgement that human biology is shaped by our evolutionary heritage.   I am interested in blending evolution and embodiment - what evolutionary mechanisms allow us to track our social...
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Eric Plemons's picture
Eric Plemons
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Email: eplemons@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-3102
Office: Haury 315

I am a medical anthropologist focused on surgical practice and the production, circulation and application of expert knowledge on gendered bodies. My first book, The Look of a Woman (2017, Duke University Press), examines facial feminization surgery, a series of bone and soft...
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Beth Plummer's picture
Beth Plummer
Associate Professor
Email: meplummer@email.arizona.edu

Dr. Plummer is the Susan C. Karant Nunn Chair in Reformation and Early Modern European History and Associate Professor of History. She is the author of From Priest’s Whore to Pastor’s Wife: Clerical Marriage and the Process of Reform in the Early German Reformation (2012; pbk...
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Claudia Powell's picture
Claudia Powell
Associate Research Social Scientist, SW Institute for Rsch on Women
Email: claudiap@email.arizona.edu


 Claudia Powell holds an M.Ed in Educational Administration. She is an Associate Research Social Scientist  with SIROW.   Claudia has worked in the field of substance abuse treatment, HIV prevention, and domestic violence for the past 8 years. Projects include an Office on...
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Denis Provencher's picture
Denis Provencher
Head, Department of French & Italian Professor of French
Email: denisprovencher@email.arizona.edu

Dr. Denis is Professor of French and is Department Head in French & Italian at the University of Arizona. He is also Acting Director of the Institute for LGBT Studies. He is a scholar of contemporary French and Francophone cultural studies with an emphasis on language and sexuality studies...
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Angela Record Ph.D.'s picture
Angela Record Ph.D.
Adjunct Instructor, Theatre Film and Television
TEL: 520-621-7352
Office: Louise Foucar Marshall Bldg
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Hai Ren Ph.D.'s picture
Hai Ren Ph.D.
Associate Professor, East Asian Studies and Anthropology
Email: hren@email.arizona.edu
TEL: (520) 626-5062
FAX: (520) 621-1149
Office: Department of East Asian Studies University of Arizona Learning Services Building, Room 102 1512 First St., P. O. Box 210105, Tucson, AZ 85721-0105

Hai Ren (任海) is Associate Professor of East Asian Studies and Anthropology at the University of Arizona. He received his BA in History and Archeology from Sichuan University in Chengdu, China, and a Ph.D. in Sociocultural Anthropology from the University of Washington in Seattle. His current...
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Darcy Roman-Felix's picture
Darcy Roman-Felix
Business Manager
Email: roman@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-5657
FAX: 520-621-1533

Darcy Roman-Felix is the Business Manger in Department of Gender & Women’s Studies and holds a dual role of Program Coordination and Business Management.  She has been with the University for over 20 year. 

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Andrea J. Romero Ph.D.'s picture
Andrea J. Romero Ph.D.
Professor and VP for Faculty Affairs
Email: romeroa@email.arizona.edu
TEL: (520) 621-5583
FAX: (520) 621-3401
Office: McClelland Park, Room 301H

Division of Family Studies and Human Development
Mexican American Studies & Research Center

Scholarly Interests and Activities
Andrea Romero is an associate professor in Family Studies & Human Development. She also has appointments in Psychology and the...
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Louise M. Roth Ph.D.'s picture
Louise M. Roth Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Sociology
Email: lroth@email.arizona.edu
TEL: (520) 621-3525
Office: Social Sciences

Research Interests
Gender, organizations, law, reproduction, and the family.
Louise Roth's book Selling Women Short: Gender and Money on Wall Street, was published by Princeton University Press in 2006. This book, along with 7 journal articles, present the findings of research...
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Sav Schlauderaff's picture
Sav Schlauderaff
Ph.D. Student
Email: sschlauderaff@email.arizona.edu

Sav Schlauderaff, M.A. (they/them) is a queer, trans, disabled Ph.D. candidate in Gender & Women’s Studies at the University of Arizona. Their work engages disability studies, disability memoir & life writing, trauma studies, and health communication to analyze the ways disabled and...
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Karen Seat Ph.D.'s picture
Karen Seat Ph.D.
Director, Religious Studies Program; Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Email: kkseat@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-626-3683
Office: Learning Services Building, Room 227

My research focuses on the history of evangelicalism in the United States and transnationally, with a particular emphasis on gender and politics in conservative Christian cultures. In addition to book chapters and articles, I have published 'Providence Has Freed Our Hands': Women's Missions...
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Beverly A. Seckinger MFA's picture
Beverly A. Seckinger MFA
Professor, School of Theatre, Film & Television
Email: bsecking@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-1239
Office: Marshall Bldg, Room 229

Beverly Seckinger is Professor in the School of Theatre, Film & Television and former Interim Director (2008-2010) and Associate Director (2004-2008) of the School of Media Arts.  She is a founding member of the UA Committee (now Institute) for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies...
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Susana Sepulveda's picture
Susana Sepulveda
Ph.D. Student
Email: sepulveda@email.arizona.edu

I am a PhD Candidate in the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies with a minor in Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory at the University of Arizona. My dissertation “Travesando Chicana Punk” is an interdisciplinary project that examines the experiences and identities of Chicanas within punk...
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Caleb Simmons's picture
Caleb Simmons
Assistant Professor
Email: calebsimmons@email.arizona.edu

Caleb Simmons (Ph.D. University of Florida 2014) is an Assistant Professor of Religious Studies specializing in Hindu goddesses and kingship. He has published on a variety of topics from medieval Indian courtly traditions to contemporary popular culture and environmental issues in India. His...
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William Paul Simmons Ph.D.'s picture
William Paul Simmons Ph.D.
Professor of GWS and Director, Human Rights Practice Program
Email: williamsimmons@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-626-3311
Office: Social Science 135A

William Paul Simmons is Professor of Gender & Women's Studies and Director of the online Human Rights Practice graduate program at the University of Arizona. His research is highly interdisciplinary; using theoretical, legal, and...
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