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Dylan McCarthy Blackston is a PhD candidate in Gender and Women's Studies with a minor in Visual Culture Studies. His research interests include trans embodiments, photography and aesthetics, critical life and science studies, and affect and animality.

He is currently completing the dissertation, "Trans*plantation: Transsexual Embodiment, Species, and the Visual," which analyzes transsexuality as an evolving social-scientific category that shares important historical lineages with other colonially inflected scientific developments such as surgical transplantation. The dissertation develops the analytic, trans*plantation, first as a means of examining how trans embodiments and racializing colonial hierarchies of embodiment are enmeshed, and second, as a theoretical tool for intervening in the continued reproduction of embodiment hierarchies that facilitate intelligibility and life for certain subjects—even if illusorily—and disposability and death for others.

Previously, Dylan earned a MA in Womenʼs Studies at Georgia State University having completed the thesis, “Queer Feelings, Political Potential: Tracing Affect in Performance Spaces." He holds a BFA in Photography with a minor in Womenʼs Studies from the University of Georgia. 

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Dylan McCarthy Blackston
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