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We at the Department of Gender and Women's Studies stand with UA’s Institute for LGBT Studies to “vehemently oppose the continued attack on transgender rights. We stand in solidarity with our trans* family, friends, colleagues, and community and are committed to support movement toward inclusive education in Arizona, which encompasses trans* peoples’ right to participate in sports and athletic teams.”

Jennifer Croissant

About Jennifer Croissant

Jen Croissant (PhD Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Science & Technology Studies, 1994) is interested  in the sociology of science and technology, particularly feminist science studies.  Graduate Teaching includes ‘Science & Social Theory,’ ‘Technology & Social Theory,’ and the core GWS Seminar ‘Feminist Knowledge Production,’ while undergraduate teaching includes GWS160C (TRAD 103): Technology & Society, and GWS 317: Science Fiction Studies.  Recent works include studies of agnotology, including a general model of ignorance and absence, and forthcoming work on levels of non-knowledge and non-disclosure in American Football.  Please see the Academia and learn more at ResearchGate for access to articles and information.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, PhD. Science and Technology Studies, 1994.

Dissertation: "Bodies, Movements, Representations: Elements Toward a Feminist Theory of Knowledge."  Advisor: Professor Sal Restivo.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, S.M. Technology and Policy, 1989. 

Thesis:  "The Process of Development: The Study of Geographic Information Systems."  Advisor: Professor Richard de Neufville.


Pennsylvania State University, B.S. Engineering Science, with Honors, Physics Minor, 1987. 

Thesis:  "Development of a Programmable Liquid Crystal Television Spatial Light Modulator as Applied to Real Time Optical Signal Processing."  Advisor: Professor F. T. S. Yu.

Research Interests

Sociology of Knowledge, Science, and Technology; Feminist Theory and Gender and Sexuality Studies; Methods in Science Studies; General Sociological Theory; Social/Cultural Studies of Robotics, Cybernetics; Rehabilitation and Biomechanics Engineering, Prosthetics Design and Policy; Engineering and Science Education; Pain Measurement; (Vanilla and) Cultural Constructions of the Real; Sociology of/History of Archaeological Theory and Method; Scientific Instrumentation; IT/Computers and Organizational Change; Agnotology. 

Courses Taught

....and interested in independent studies in agnotology, disability studies, science fiction studies at undergraduate and graduate levels.  

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Jennifer Croissant
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