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Katia da Costa Bezerra Ph.D.

About Katia da Costa Bezerra Ph.D.

Dr. Katia da Costa Bezerra has published essays on Contemporary Portuguese, Brazilian and Lusophone African literature. She is also concerned with the rescue of a literary production published by mineiras born in the XIX century.Her theoretical approaches include questions on gender, sexuality, nationhood, memory and race.

University of Minnesota
Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literature and Linguistics

Distinguished Teaching Award, College of Humanities, University of Arizona, April 2004.

Publications since 2001


Bezerra, Kátia da Costa. Tirando do baú: antologia de poetas brasileiras do século XIX. Belo Horizonte: Faculdade de Ciências Humanas de Pedro Leopoldo, 2003.

Refereed journal articles published:

Bezerra, Kátia da Costa. "Um Rio Chamado Tempo, Uma Casa Chamada Terra: A Tensa Re-escrita da Nação Moçambicana." Estudos Portugueses e Africanos 43/44 (2005): 54-68.

"Lara de Lemos: O Tenso Rememorar da Ditadura Militar no Brasil." Graphos 6.2/1 (2004): 85-94.

"Antonietta Vilela: Staging Women's Perspectives in the 1800?s." Hispanic Journal 24.1-2 (2003): 235-248.


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Contact Information

Katia da Costa Bezerra Ph.D.
Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
Telephone: 520-626-0786
Office: Modern Languages