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Peg Brand Weiser

About Peg Brand Weiser

An artist (M.A., studio art) with a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Peg Brand Weiser is Emerita Associate Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies at IUPUI (Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis) who now teaches in the UA Department of Philosophy, Honors College, and AIAR (Applied Intercultural Arts Research) graduate program. She is editor of Beauty Unlimited (2013), Beauty Matters (2000), and co-editor with Carolyn Korsmeyer of Feminism and Tradition in Aesthetics (1995). Articles on feminist art and aesthetics have appeared in The Journal of Aesthetics and Art CriticismHypatia: A Journal of Feminist PhilosophySimone de Beauvoir Studies, and numerous anthologies. Co-author of “Feminist Aesthetics” for the online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2021), she was co-founder of the Feminist Caucus Committee of the American Society for Aesthetics (1990). Ongoing work in the philosophy of sport includes guest co-editing the Myles Brand Special Issue of The Journal of Intercollegiate Sport and “Changing Perceptions of Beautiful Bodies: The Athletic Agency Model” in Somaesthetics and Sport (Brill). Forthcoming from Oxford University Press is a collection of essays on the coronavirus pandemic entitled, Albert Camus’s The Plague: Philosophical Perspectives.


PhD in Philosophy 1985 University of Illinois at Chicago
MA in Philosophy 1978 University of Illinois at Chicago
MA in Fine Arts 1975 University of Wisconsin-Madison
BA in Plastic and Graphic Arts Univeesity of Illinois at Chicago

Research Interests

Aesthetics, feminist philosophy, philosophy of sport, Simone de Beauvoir, feminist bioethics

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Contact Information

Peg Brand Weiser
Adjunct Instructor
Telephone: 520-621-5045
Office: Social Sciences 216D