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Sav Schlauderaff (they/them) is a queer, trans, disabled PhD student in Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Arizona. Their research in critical disability studies centers chronic illnesses, (embodied/felt) memory, pain, trauma and self care/community care for the bodymindspirit. Sav combines their academic training in genetics, molecular biology, and gender studies with poetry, autobiography, current research in molecular biology and genetics, and theoretical work in their writing.

Outside of research, they currently work at the LGBTQ+ Resource Center at the U of A as a Safe Zone facilitator, are a member of the Disability Studies Initiative at the U of A, and a co-founder of  “The Queer Futures Collective” ( where they create accessible & educational workshops and performances (in person and online) that focus on listening, vulnerability, learning through art, and collective community care.

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Sav Schlauderaff
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