Graduate Scholarships & Awards

WOSAC Graduate Travel Funds

Travel stipends to professional meetings are available for graduate students pursuing a PhD, MA/JD, graduate certificate, or PhD minor in Gender & Women’s Studies at the University of Arizona. Funding may be provided to individuals traveling to a conference to present a paper or who have or will be attending a conference which they can demonstrate will advance their research and professional goals.

For more information, visit the GWS WOSAC page.

Other Graduate Funding Opportunities

There are various forms of funding available to graduate students in our program. The department is able to provide some fellowship funding from the Graduate College and the Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy Endowment (which funds both the Women’s Plaza of Honor Fellowship and the Kennedy Endowed Fellowship). Most students are primarily funded through their years in course work as Teaching and Research Assistants. Students can earn additional money by teaching online courses in summer and winter sessions. Students who are further along in the program should seek grants and fellowships for their dissertation research and writing through various departmental, university and national sources relevant to their research topic. Students at all stages of the program are also encouraged to apply for small one-time funds for travel to conferences from WOSAC, the GPSC and other sources.

To learn more about other graduate funding opportunities, please read the Graduate Handbook, pp. 39-42.

Scholarship Universe

Scholarship Universe (SU) is our scholarship-matching tool for admitted University of Arizona students. SU connects Wildcats to millions of dollars in internal and external scholarships.

Scholarship Universe