Undergraduate Minor

Any advisor can declare the Minor in Gender and Women's Studies for you.

Program Overview

Core Courses

Complete both courses:

Core Electives

Complete one of the following courses:

Other GWS Electives

Complete 12 units from any GWS or cross-listed courses.

More Information

  • Minimum of 21 units with 12 upper division units are required
  • No more than 6 units of internship, independent study, or preceptorships (293, 299, 299H, 391, 393, 399, 399H, 493, 499, 499H) may fulfill the GWS major
  • GWS 240 should be taken before GWS 305 or Core Electives
  • GWS 305 is a suggested prerequisite to Core Electives
  • GWS 496A Senior Capstone Seminar: Reflections on Gender and Transformations is open to students in the GWS minor in either their junior or senior year
  • Gender and Women's Studies Minor Checklist