David Ortiz

Associate Professor, History (Tenured)

Office: Building: Cesar E Chavez Building (#23), Room #319G

I am a social and cultural historian of 18th, 19th, & 20th century Europe, with a growing interest in intellectual history.  My research interests center on public discourse in southern Europe, particularly in newspapers, magazines, and popular novels, during the 'fin de siglo' period, from about 1870-1930.  I also explore the impact of popular discourse on the politics, social, cultural, and intellectual issues of turn-of-the-century Spain.  My current research includes popular and medical discourse on sexuality and gender as it relates to personal and national identity formation.

Research Interests:  social, political, and cultural history of modern Europe, history of Spain, history of liberalism, history of anarchism, political culture, history of print capitalism, effects of public discourse on education, social class, and national, ethnic and sexual identity as well as comparative history with emphasis on revolutions and historical and cultural theory.